More than Weight Loss: Brittany’s Unexpected Health Improvement

October 01, 2019

More than Weight Loss: Brittany’s Unexpected Health Improvement

Our bodies have a way of correcting and healing themselves, when we start caring for them and improving our health.

Brittany was pleasantly surprised, not only because she lost weight, but she also experienced a health benefit she was not expecting.

The Weight Loss
Admittedly, many of us try detox teas for their weight loss benefits. Brittany shares her experience in this area:

"I took my starting weight at November 3rd and I took my ending weight at November 30th. I took both those weight wearing the same outfit, also in the morning time before I ate anything just so I can get a more accurate weight. So here’s a picture of that (shows photo). SO I was able to lose 3.2 lbs within the 28 days and I think that’s pretty awesome being that I never went to the gym, I never worked out and on their website I think they recommend you do physical activity everyday, which is understandable but during this time of doing the tea, I didn’t do any exercise and I’m taking about ANY. Like NONE. And I’m not proud of that, I’m just letting you guys know. And then also on the website, it talks about eating a healthy diet, as we should always do. Again, I just ate normal. I just my normal diet. Again, I am not proud of it but I am just letting you guys know the facts and what it is. So I was able to lose 3.2 lbs based off on just the tea, honestly. I didn’t change anything else with my lifestyle."


Added Bonus
More than just losing weight though, the right kind of detox tea like the all-natural ThinTea can help you get your body back to its prime state.

Brittany shares her unexpected but pleasant results:

"Another good result that I got is I don’t have a normal menstrual cycle.  It can be as far as 8 months in between, or 3 months in between. In between taking the tea, I ended up getting my period. I think because it has such natural ingredients, it helped me regulate my menstrual cycle for the month. I think that’s awesome, that’s another result that I got from this tea."


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