More than Weight Loss: How Chelsea Detoxed Naturally

July 24, 2018

More than Weight Loss: How Chelsea Detoxed Naturally

A lot of detox teas
tend to downplay certain components like laxatives. Laxatives force the body to expel waste so the user ends up hitting the loo more often than usual, creating the illusion of cleansing or detox. Weight loss is also a usual perceived result. However, it’s weight loss due to dehydration since, as mentioned, laxatives make one flush out solids and liquids alike.

That’s one reason Chesea is skeptical of detox teas. She gave ThinTea a shot. How did it fare? Let’s hear her impressions.

“…I know a lot of detox, weight-loss teas have laxatives and harmful additives, and things that aren’t just good for your body. So I was very intrigued when I saw that these are vegan, all-natural…They literally have all the ingredients in the back. And there are things you can actually know what they are….So basically just all-natural ingredients.”

She seems on board so far. But what did she expect from using the blends?

This tea does a lot more than just put out weight-loss, increase your metabolism, and detoxing. It actually has a lot of other benefits. So it’s supposed to clear up your skin. It’s supposed to enhance your energy. It’s just really supposed to flush out your system. So you can better absorb nutrients from healthy foods.”  

Chelsea shares her initial reaction to how the detox blend cleanses without the harmful side-effects of laxative-based teas.

“When I first started using it, it does kind of move things along in your system, if you know what I mean.“

She shares her other observations from her experience taking the blends.

“Another thing I noticed about this tea is it has cleared up my skin quite a bit…If you can see my skin now…my acne has been clearing up quite a bit. I noticed a little de-bloating. I have had quite a bit of bloating issues lately.”

The gorgeous Chelsea sums up what she thinks of ThinTea Detox and Fat Burn Blends.

“Overall, I really like this tea. I think this is great. I love that it’s all-natural, tastes great. I have seen de-bloating and my skin has been clearing up like crazy…I do notice in the morning, I was even skipping out on coffee, and I was drinking the morning tea. There’s no caffeine in it but I just felt a boost… I felt more hydrated. And I just felt a little healthier. And I felt I really didn’t feel I need my coffee, which I usually drink in the morning.”

As our girl said, ThinTea gives things a little bit of harmless nudge to get things along down there and it’s all just for genuine toxin removal and nothing more. Dehydration and fake weight loss are not part of the deal. So give ThinTea a try and see the difference natural detox and fat burning could do in as early as 14 days!