Natural Energy Boosting Tips  

August 28, 2018

Natural Energy Boosting Tips  

In this day and age, practically everyone and their mother suffer from some form of energy slump. It can be chronic or intermittent. That’s why caffeinated drinks are pretty much the go-to solution for greasing up the machinery. They’re often loaded with sugar, too, so the caffeine boost is often reinforced by sugar rush.

As with most good things, too much of the stuff is detrimental to one’s health. Heart conditions arise or are agitated by the effects of chemically induced rushes. And let’s not forget the insane caloric content of energy drinks and chain coffee shop concoctions.

We bring you a few tips and tricks to energize you naturally and safely.


Better Posture 

Let’s start with something a bit off the usual track. Improving one’s posture can give a much needed energy boost. Bad posture bends blood vessels out of, shape restricting blood flow to vital organs specifically the brain, resulting to mental sluggishness that translate to the physical. Having bad posture also redirects energy needed elsewhere to the muscles in order to support the body when it’s the job of our bones to do so. It’s a waste of energy. So sit or stand up straight. Try to bring your extremities closer to your center of gravity, and don’t slouch.


The Power of Blinking    

When watching TV or working at a computer, sometimes you’d feel a draft of sleepiness brought on by prolonged staring at the screen. To resolve this, try to blink 10 to 20 times in a minute. It’s considered the most micro of naps. Our brain takes milliseconds of breaks during these blinks, which plays a lot in energy conservation so you don’t doze off watching your favourite show (or while working on an article about natural energy boosts). 


When you feel like you’re running into an energy dip during the day, it’s recommended to take a few minutes out and bask in the sun for a moment. Awful indoor lighting and shade can induce fatigue. Getting sunkissed for a bit elevates the mood and brings energy levels up. Do take care not to spend too much time out there, though. The sun’s UV rays are very damaging to skin.



Green Tea

Now, we did pretty much crucify caffeine in the introduction, but we also recognize the fact that some people just can’t easily wean themselves off of it. So it’s suggested that green tea is an excellent alternative to heavily caffeinated drinks like coffee and power drinks. It has less caffeine content. So it’s less likely to keep you awake all night unlike when you have coffee a bit late in the day. It also won’t give you the jitters. Studies also have shown that regular intake of green tea helps promote weight loss.  


Stick with Hyper Friends

We’re social animals and we influence each other greatly. Through that logic, it would benefit us to keep the company of energetic people. It’s entirely possible to get some sort of contact high from them. You energize yourself while sharing some juicy stories about Tabitha from accounting. 

Those are a few natural and practically free ways to raise energy with hardly any caffeine involved. Another sure fire way to boost up that dwindling power level is through toxin reduction and increased metabolism. ThinTea could help you with both and then some like sorting out bloat and perhaps losing a few kilos. Our shop has a wide selection of Detox and Fat Burn packs to suit your needs. We even have the Sleepy Slumber tea that naturally helps to get better, more restful sleeps so you can wake up all boosted up and ready to take on the day!