Nini and ThinTea

October 09, 2018

Nini and ThinTea


Looking fit doesn’t always mean that everything is peachy. One can look outwardly immaculate but still need some help in hammering a few health issues.

Nini is pretty much the picture of physical health but she does suffer from a few issues that diet and exercise just could not sort out. In a lot of occasions, a good cleansing is needed.

Nini decided to do a tea cleanse with the help of ThinTea. She shares with us what her experience has been like.

She starts things off by sharing her predisposed notion of cleansing teas.

“I’ve always been skeptical about this tea and, of course, I want to try it myself.”

It seems like Nini already has some negative initial impressions but it is commendable that she keeps an open enough mind to give tea cleansing a chance.

“So it’s been 20 days, I think, since I started drinking this tea every day. So the reduced bloating is real. It cleanses and detoxifies. It’s real. My number one problem is bloating. I always feel bloated even though some abs. On my lower abs, it always looks swollen.”

It’s looking like ThinTea has turned things around for Nini and her skepticism, especially with her bloating issues. Let’s hear more of what she’s getting from the tea blends.

“Since I was young, my problem is my going to the bathroom. Irregular.  Sometimes I would not go to do my business in the bathroom for three days. So since I started taking this every morning, it made me go to the bathroom every day, every morning. “

ThinTea has evidently cleared up Nini’s digestion issues safely by clearing up toxins that hinder proper digestion and all without laxatives.

She shares how taking the teas makes her feel overall and answers the question we’re all daring to ask. Did she lose weight?

“I love it. I feel good every day. Drinking this tea, I lost three pounds! I don’t really feel that hungry anymore. I don’t really feel like I want to eat a lot. It does really suppresses my appetite. It’s pretty good actually. Highly Recommended.”

Nini has the right idea of not entirely banking on just looking healthy. She looks good but also wants to feel good.  She strives for perfection and looks for help when she needs it. In this case, it came from ThinTea. Join Nini and a whole league of satisfied ThinTea users all over the world. Hop in our store and get your Detox and Fat Burn blends now!