Post-Pregnancy Woes and Is Thin Tea Safe if You Are Breastfeeding?

June 20, 2021

Post-Pregnancy Woes and Is Thin Tea Safe if You Are Breastfeeding?


No Shame in Getting a Hand

Mumma Grace goes right to it by saying she did indeed use something to shed off the baby weight.

“…I lost 25 lbs. after I gave birth….It was basically a breeze for me, but I’m going to tell you guys exactly how I did it. I did use some weight loss products….It’s called ThinTea.”


Breastfeeding? Not a Big Deal

She talks about her experience using Thin Tea as a breastfeeding mom and getting an unexpected bonus.       

“It’s actually safe for breastfeeding. All the ingredients are 100% natural. I’m also breastfeeding. It did not affect my supply at all.“ “To be honest, I have a surplus of breast milk.“


Cleansing for the New Mom

And of course, how it helped her with what has plagued ladies for ages especially pregnant women.

“It definitely reduced my bloating since I was bloating big time. It just flushed everything out. Let me tell you. It was a very big help for me. “


Getting That Much Needed Boost

She adds how Thin Tea enhances her energy level so she can do her mom duties like a true boss.

“ And it’s helped me really have a lot of energy for Scarlett. I’m running around all day so I have a lot of energy for her. And also it helped me lose weight!”


Letting it All Out

Grace also got over one more thing that’s common among women who had just given birth.

 “it actually regulated my system….Since after I gave birth, I was a little constipated. That (Thin Tea) was a really, really good help.”


Do you feel like you can’t take care of your body anymore because your hands are full with your newborn bubba? We’re here to help!

You can have a closer look at the ThinTea blends Grace uses here.