Powered Up Immune System: Yvonne’s ThinTea Story

February 02, 2022

Powered Up Immune System: Yvonne’s ThinTea Story



Most if not all of us get hit with inexplicable malaise that just seems to pop out of nowhere. Normally, it’s hard to shake off because the feeling of being ill is like a vast blanket and it’s hard to pinpoint what’s really wrong with us.

It usually has a lot to do with our immune system slightly not being up to speed so we get these sort of mini infections that aren’t serious enough to warrant a doctor’s visit but bad enough to affect our lifestyle.

Yvonne here describes how it was when she recently went through a spell of the random sickies.

“I have been really ill this past month. The whole month I’ve just been ill. It’s just not been good. You know when you just get into those funks when you just can’t feel healthy anymore.”

And then shares what helped her get over it.

“This (Thin Tea Detox Blend) has actually helped me out. I feel a lot better. Everything seemed to have cleared up. It’s helping me get better because it’s cleansing out my body and I’m really liking it.”

More than boosting her constitution, Yvonne continues with her experience with ThinTea and bloating.

“In the morning, I get very bloated because I don’t eat anything. I get so lazy in the morning. I get so tired that I can’t be bothered to do anything. Taking this doesn’t bloat me as much. I’m really happy.”

As with all things that produce good results, she has decided to switch her normal tea with ThinTea.

“I’ve replaced my normal tea and I’ve noticed the difference. My normal tea would get me ready for work but it would make me bloated. That is why I love drinking it.”

Like Yvonne, be on your toes and give your immune system that boost it needs. The nasty stuff in your body would get flushed right out WITHOUT making you spend the better part of the day in the loo with a healthy kind of detox like ThinTea.

So get your Thin Tea blends now and day goodbye to health slumps and bloating.