Practical Tips to Get Back in Shape after the Holidays

January 11, 2018

Practical Tips to Get Back in Shape after the Holidays

The Christmas and New Year’s holidays are done with. And you may find yourself a bit on the off-season side what with all the parties and holiday eating and cooking you may have done. But this is no reason to go on extreme measures especially when people start making underhanded remarks about how much you’ve “grown” during the festive season. It happens to the best of us.

That said, here are a perfectly doable ways to get back on the saddle after several weeks of decadence.

  1. Don’t Wallow

The damage has been done and you know you went a tad bit overboard. The first step is admitting that something must be done. That holiday diet plan didn’t quite pan out. Big deal. Instead of dwelling in the guilt, expend that energy on focus on figuring out how to get back on track. Sitting and crying about it won’t burn that lovely turkey dinner.


  1. Get Real

One of the main reasons why we often go off the road during these particularly tempting times is we’ve set our goals a little too high. Too strict a plan tends to result in over indulgence, and too loose isn’t that much different. Get back in shape by being reasonable with your diet. Make a rewards system that fits your situation perfectly. Never say never. That cookie is going to get eaten one way or another. Swearing off it totally only makes it much more rewarding hence the eventual overindulgence.


  1. Work with what You Like

One way of getting yourself greased up and raring to go back to the routine is to kick things off with things that you are most comfortable with. Try to start working out again by doing your favourite exercises. If you are coming back to a specific diet, spark things off with recipes that you really like. It would soften the blow and make the shift a lot less tasking.


  1. Leave the Leftovers

We delve into the more practical side of things here. Those leftovers, amazing in sandwiches as they may be, need to go. We’re not saying self-control is completely out of the picture. But coming out of a binge, temptation is as real as the dirt under our shoes. Warm your leftovers up and drop them off to the nearest homeless shelter or give them away to people who’d appreciate them. Wasting food is not an option here.

So there you have it. Four simple and easy ways to get back into the groove post-holiday season. The trick is to ease your way back and not do anything too drastic. And speaking of chill out weight loss and general health maintenance, ThinTea’s detox and fat burn blends definitely has a place in this crusade. Made from natural ingredients, the 28-day plan could most certainly assist you back on the wagon at a safe and steady pace.