Real Fitness Tea for the Masses with Zoey

February 26, 2019

Real Fitness Tea for the Masses with Zoey

With today’s influencer culture, it’s not rare to see products that seemingly came out of nowhere being endorsed by A-list celebrities. The avenues are a lot more accessible as YouTube and streaming video are slowly replacing television, and visual Internet services like Instagram and social media have taken over print media.

Zoey realizes one obvious fact about this trend. These celebrities get paid, and they don’t exactly share the same lifestyle as the average consumer to which the products they are representing are targeted. Their results more likely aren’t an accurate depiction of those products’ actual capacities.

She’s particular about cleansing and fitness teas. However, Zoey gave ThinTea a fair go. Let’s hear her side of things.

“I’m sure you’ve seen tons and tons of celebrities talk about skinny teas. I don’t listen to them. They have personal chefs. They have personal trainers to achieve their dream body.”

Immediately, Zoey renounces celebrity-endorsed products for reason that should be implicit but often overlooked. But she’s not entirely closed down to detox and cleansing teas.

“I’ve always wanted to try a detox tea because I am a mom. I also struggle with dealing with bloating and with my lower stomach because I had a C-section. So that part of my stomach is really hard to work out. I was skeptical to try it but I kind of wanted to just because I deal with really bad bloating.”

She recognizes her need for a little bit of assistance in the mentioned areas, which is a huge first step toward improvement despite having reservations. What did she think of the Detox and Fat Burn blends?

“I one hundred percent agree with both of these. This one (Detox) says it reduces bloating. I noticed that when I was using this, I wasn’t bloated. My stomach was very, very flat and tight. The other one… My metabolism was working a lot better.

I usually can go about one to two days without using the bathroom. With this, I was using the bathroom every single day, every single morning. That was helping with my metabolism, which was really, really nice. I wasn’t getting really bad cravings also with this, which was nice because I crave things so hard. I crave ice cream and cookies. I noticed that I wasn’t really craving anything when I was on this.”

Zoey shares a few before and after photos, and the improvement is visibly extensive.

She summarizes her ThinTea experience.

“I was pretty proud of how I was looking. I felt really good. I look forward to waking up. Neither of these teas tastes bad at all…”

It’s almost always a matter of being an individual when it comes to how cleansing and fitness consumables would affect the body. Results can vary drastically so testimonies of paid endorsers should always be taken with a grain of salt.  

An important thing to consider is how safe the product is. ThinTea uses nothing but the safest, natural ingredients without result-provoking additives. Just for that, it is loved by so many all over the world. Get your packs now!