Real-talk with Samantha Ricci

April 13, 2021

Real-talk with Samantha Ricci


Real-talk with Samantha Ricci: Samantha admits how she never really believed in detox teas or any form of weight loss supplements. Being candid about her struggles with her self-esteem after giving birth, she is now so grateful to have given ThinTea a chance.

The Skeptic

Laughing, as if almost in disbelief, Samantha says, “I was very skeptical. I don’t really believe that there’s a tea or any kind of supershake or food or pill or anything like that to get slim quick. But after drinking these- I’ve been drinking them for ten days now, I can honestly say I have seen such a dramatic difference.”

Not Like Other Detox Teas: No Side Effects

She quickly dispels the notorious rep that detox teas have gained.

“They’re not gonna make you run to the bath room, they’re not gonna make you have a stomach ache. They’re not gonna make you throw up!”


A Girl’s Best Friend (especially during THAT time of the month)

“I started drinking these the day that I started my monthly cycle. I didn’t have any cramping, I had loads of energy, which is crazy! I noticed my skin has cleared up. I am having fewer breakouts. And my stomach has gone down. I feel great!”

“The bloating in my stomach has gone down tremendously, and I do not say that lightly. I have noticed a difference [in my appetite]. I’m not snacking. At all.”


Gaining back her self-esteem

I don’t mean to get mushy with you guys. As a mother, the struggle is so surreal. You know, the way that you feel about yourself after giving birth. I’m not one of those people to think there’s something special something out there that’s gonna help me, you know, with the way that I feel; in giving my energy, and my body, and my self-esteem back. And these teas have done that for me. I can’t thank them enough.”


“It’s just like a miracle tea. I never wanna run out!”


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