Rita says Goodbye to Stress-related Health Issues and Excess Weight

March 04, 2020

Rita says Goodbye to Stress-related Health Issues and Excess Weight

Stress can do a number to our health, not to mention add those extra unwanted pounds.

Rita shares her unforgettable ThinTea experience.


Mom-friendly: Laxative Free!

"For a mom of multiples who is never sitting on her behind, there’s no laxative effect whatsoever—that’s a relief. Because nobody has time to be sitting in the toilet after you drink tea."


No More Acid Reflux

Listen, I’m a stressed-out person so acid reflux is just like always there. So stress and acid reflux, they go hand in hand. This has been helping me to not feel like that. So I really do like, when I drink the detox blend, it’s taking the cheat things I do before like the day before like having an oreo cookie are a couple of scoops of ice cream. It just helps me naturally cleanse it all without sitting in the toilet all day.


Glowing Skin

"The other thing that I did notice while drinking this—I started drinking this and maybe like a few days later, I was noticing a huge difference in my skin. So I started looking up the herbs, and their purpose was, a lot of the herbs in the detox blend as well as the fat burn blend, are all towards skin care! My skin has gotten so much better!"


Closer to Ideal Dress Size Goal

"I’m at eleven pounds lighter. Amazing. I was actually able to fit in size 11 jeans that I was not able to fit in for months! And that was like crazy… so size 11 and the next size down, tha is a single digit, size 9 that is the goal. I need to get more!"

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