Sabrina’s Tea Cleanse Experience

October 26, 2018

Sabrina’s Tea Cleanse Experience

More often than not, tummy issues for women include bloating. It has to do with body chemistry, hormones to name a couple. Another major reason for this is toxins that trigger excessive water and gas retention, causing the mid-area to become visibly distended.

Sabrina has suffered from this issue and has resorted to ThinTea’s cleansing blends to see if the claims are true, regarding bloat-causing toxin removal and weight loss. Let’s have listen to what she has to say.

“When I started taking (the tea), I have tummy problems and I have very messy bloating problems. So when I take this tea in the morning, I feel very good. I feel much more energized. And it does reduce the bloating for me.”

ThinTea’s Detox blend has evidently helped her bloating concerns. Here’s what she has to say about the Fat Burn blend.

“This fat burn, it does help me speed up my metabolic system. I tend to perspire a lot when I’m taking this product. And it does make me healthy and good. And it does suppress the appetite a bit. So I do not do much snacking. It does suppress the hunger. I get less hungry.”

Sabrina sounds like she has really taken to the blend’s appetite curbing effect rather well. She shares how both blends have helped her with losing some inches off her mid-area.

“After fourteen days, with light exercise, it did make a difference. I did lose one to two cms on my waistline. I did. I did….No bloating at all.”

Sabrina’s foray into tea cleansing has certainly yielded positive results.

Bloated or not, it is still recommended to perform a good wholesome cleanse and tea has been proven to be one of the safest means for it. That is, of course, if the ingredients are intrinsically wholesome as well. ThinTea’s cleansing blends are laxative, dairy, caffeine, and gluten-free. No preservatives added as well. The tea blends are absolutely organic and safe for everyone, including beast-feeding mothers! So shop now and start seeing a new, healthier you in as early as two weeks!