Six Ways Keeping Plants at Home Improve Your Well-Being

May 18, 2018

Six Ways Keeping Plants at Home Improve Your Well-Being

Plants. They’re just there. Most homes have them. People tend to have plants in and around the house to “liven” things up, to greenify. But there’s much more to them than adding aesthetic value to one’s property.

A lot of bloggers and influencers, especially those mainly concerned with health and well-being, regularly talk about what flora they maintain at home and how they benefit from keeping them around. We’ve taken notice and have curated a several reasons why keeping plants around the house is a capital idea.


Freshening Up a Room

During the day or anytime plants are exposed to sunlight of varying degrees, plants breathe in carbon dioxide, which is the gas the we exhale after taking in and absorbing energy. At night, plants take in oxygen just like us. Some plants continue to release oxygen even at night. Orchids, bromeliads, and succulents are a few that could increase oxygen levels in a mostly enclosed area even if the Sun has said its farewell. It’s best to keep these kinds of plants in the bedroom to underline a nice, relaxing, well-oxygenated night of sleep.


Wet as Moss

Photosynthesis involves plants releasing moisture out into the air of their immediate vicinity by process of evaporation from their leaves. In fact, plants, like ferns, expel almost all the water they take in in form of moisture vapour. The result is an increase in humidity, which can benefit respiration and diminish the chances of sore throat and dry coughs. Additionally, the more humid the air is, the less likely it is to develop dry skin.


The Hot, the Cold, and the Pennywise

In relation to the entry above, a more humid internal environment could affect temperature. A plant expelling moisture into a warm room could bring down the ambient temperature, making for a more comfortable summer. In colder weather, humid air tends to hold on to heat better and longer. So we can stay nice and toasty better in the winter when we have plants in the room. In effect, this temperature padding results in lower utility cost since we don’t have to crank the air-conditioner or heater all the way up!




They Make Me Feel Good, Barbra!

This is the reason why most people keep plants. The therapeutic effect of having greenery close by has been proven time and again. Interior and exterior landscaping enhances the environment and, in effect, the occupants’ mood as well. As a hobby, plant-rearing has shown to be an excellent stress-reliever for those willing to get their hands dirty and love it. Live plants in a hospital room have been also observed to speed up recovery. And having plants in the workplace or a study room has been proven to increase focus and concentration, which we can all benefit from.


Keep It Down

Plants around the exterior of the house don’t only make the occupants look like they have life figured out, they are also long known to reduce noise from the outside. The entirety of a plant, leaves and all, can reflect, absorb, and diffuse noise coming from the background. Certain plants are even particularly good at absorbing specific frequencies. (It’s nice to know that somewhere someone screamed at various plants at differing frequencies in the name of tranquility.) Plants that can grow in hedges or tall-growing plants like grass bamboo are a good place to start if you want a more peaceful living space.                     


Air Detox

The nice, smart people at NASA researched that plants can detoxify the air of up to 87% of volatile organic compounds. Just to name a couple, plants absorb nasty stuff like formaldehyde (cigarette smoke, plastic-based materials, etc.) and benzene (paint, inks, and solvents). They also absorb dust and other allergens. Some of the best air-filtering plants are Snake Plants, Aloe Vera, Areca Palm, and Pothos and the ever Instagram-worthy Monstera Deliciosa to name a few.

These are but a few points discussing why we should all have a pot or two of live plants close to us. Keeping greenery around can never be too advantageous or over-appreciated. And while detoxifying the house of airborne poisons, noise, and general stress, does the mind and body a lot of good, we can up that cleansing by doing it from within with ThinTea’s detox blends. Expel the bad stuff from the body naturally and safely with ThinTea. And guess what teas are made of? You got it. Plants.