Staving Off Cravings the Natural Way with Ingrida

May 03, 2018

Staving Off Cravings the Natural Way with Ingrida

Cravings have plagued humanity ever since ice cream and chocolate chip cookies were invented. And we hardly ever have the strength to fight them off, barring barricading ourselves off in an inhabited island in the Caribbean Basin, which actually sounds lovely. No. Wait. No Wi-Fi. Let’s move on.

In this edition, we hear the experience of the gorgeous Ingrida, and how she managed to shade herself from urges involving sweet, sugary sweets organically with the help of ThinTea.

She begins by showing how she appreciates the ingredients list even before trying the tea.

“That’s the ingredients of the tea, which is all herbs and plants. Nothing artificial, which is abso-freaking-lutely amazing! I’ll drink these in two weeks As always I’m going to be super honest

Two weeks pass and Ingrida returns with what she thinks about her ThinTea experience.

“I am absolutely in love with this. First of all, it tastes amazing. It’s not something you have to drinking, thinking like, ‘Oh I have to drink this because it’s good for me but it tastes disgusting.’ These taste amazing. It doesn’t really require much time or anything. You brew your tea like you would do normally.”  

She zeroes in on the finer details of her two-week ThinTea detox “retreat.”

“Another thing that I really like about this tea is it’s all natural. There’s no nasty surprises. Actually, I didn’t have any breakouts recently at all.”

Ingrida fesses up and admits her weakness and how she managed the cravings. 

“I actually have a massive sweet tooth. I’m addicted to sweets, chocolate, biscuits… I love sweets. Guilty for that. But to be honest, for the last two weeks, I haven’t had a single chocolate. And I wasn’t craving for it which I was like, ‘Wait. What?’... So this is another humongous thumbs up from me for this tea. Because I wasn’t craving any sweets.”

Our girl adds what other benefits her ThinTea detox yielded.

“I don’t feel bloated anymore. My skin looks amazingly clear. I don’t have any breakouts of pimples for all this time. This is absolutely amazing. It’s so good for your body. It made me feel so good for the last two weeks.”

So there we have it, another ThinTea user that’s evidently beyond satisfied. Cravings and toxins are hard to fight off but there’s always help available if you look hard enough. And ThinTea’sDetox and Fat Burn blends are here to reach out and lend a helping hand. Get your own 14-day plan available at our store!