The Power of Two: The Changes Cherri Experienced with Just Two Weeks of ThinTea

April 23, 2018

The Power of Two: The Changes Cherri Experienced with Just Two Weeks of ThinTea



A lot can happen in two weeks. You can get promoted. You can meet the man or woman of your dreams and get married. You can lose 9 pounds and gain more energy while your pimples disappear. Only, the last part can be less likely than the former two. That is, if you don’t get a bit of herbal help, just like Cherri did.  

Ms. Cherri Amore here shares what good two weeks of tea detox by way of ThinTea has done for her. You would be amazed!

She checks in first at day four and gives her initial impressions.

“After four days, I can say that I do have more energy. I 100% have more energy. Like I would make a checklist of things that I need to do throughout the day, and before ThinTea, I would not get any of that stuff done. But I feel a little bit more energy after using this tea.”

After two weeks, she goes back to us to give her opinion of her time on ThinTea and what she really wanted and got from the signature tea blends.

“I actually really, really, really loved these two teas. I haven’t really stepped on a scale yet. However, for me. It wasn’t about losing the weight. It was just about boosting my energy, just about feeling good and feeling healthy overall.”

Cherri does confirm in the video that she lost 9 lbs. on the ThinTea blends and backed that up with her before and after pictures. She moves on to share another positive point of taking the teas for her skin.

“Since I’ve been drinking the tea, I haven’t had any major breakouts on my forehead, which is amazing.”

Of course, her bloating issues are addressed.

“Also I don’t feel bloated like I used to. I would usually get that bloated feeling. I can’t explain it but it’s visible, and you can actually feel it on the inside, like you’re stuffed with water or something. And I don’t get that anymore after drinking the teas. So I love that.”

She closes with how the ThinTea experience has affected her in the broader sense.

“Overall I feel like ThinTea has had a positive effect on my lifestyle. It was like an overall lifestyle change. And ThinTea definitely helped out a lot with that. I became more regular, you know when you’re using the bathroom. I became more regular.”

It only took two weeks.. In two weeks you can get everything the stunning Ms. Amore got from taking the ThinTea 14-day blends. Get yours now and start the change.