Think Again: “Healthy” Foods that You Need to Reconsider

May 17, 2022

Think Again: “Healthy” Foods that You Need to Reconsider

We hate to burst your bubble, but let’s get straight to the point. That granola bar you’re holding may not be as healthy as you think. 

There are so many misconceptions about food—on which are healthy and which are not, thanks mainly to ads and social media. Some food that you might think are healthy may actually be very bad for you, whilst some should be enjoyed only in moderation (yes, ‘healthy’ doesn’t mean unlimited servings.) Here are a few items that you might need to reconsider: 

  1. Granola

Although granola is high in fiber, it is very high in sugar and carbohydrates, as well. It may look and feel healthy but the recommended serving of granola is only ¼ cup, and if you go overboard on this, you can easily go over your recommended daily intake of carbs even before you eat your lunch.


  1. Dried Fruits

All types of fruits are good right? Wrong. Dried fruits have lost all their moisture but have retained all their sugar. When you eat a fruit fresh, you also eat the water content, leaving you full, say, with just an apple or a bunch of grapes. On the other hand, since dried fruits are dehydrated and smaller, it is so easy to eat more than you should, giving yourself a sugar overload. Also, some dried fruits are filled with preservatives and added sugar to extend their shelf life. Always read the labels to make sure you know what you are eating and how much you can eat in one sitting.


  1. Sugar-Free Products

These treats may sound like the perfect substitute to your faves, but again, make sure you read the labels. The sweeteners they use in these products may just harm your body in the long run. Craving for some candy? Better to just reach for a fresh fruit to satisfy that craving.


  1. Flavoured Yogurt

Yogurt is amazing for your digestive system, skin, immune system (to name a few), but if it’s filled with sugary flavours, you might just be defeating the purpose. Always opt for the plain kind to avoid unnecessary chemicals and sugar.


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