ThinTea and Tammy

January 29, 2019

ThinTea and Tammy

We are all entitled to be skeptical. Critical thinking is an enriching trait, and it could be the one thing standing between us and scammers of the world.

Tammy is skeptic about tea detox specifically but she’s not too jaded that she has completely closed herself off to the idea. She was open enough to try ThinTea. Let’s pick her brains and find out about her experience.

Tammy begins by explaining why she had doubts about the detox plan.

“I have to admit I was highly skeptical. I checked out the website. The reviews were amazing. The before-and-afters were amazing. So I was like, ‘You know what? I’m going to give this a try.’ It sounded like it was too good to be true.”

It certainly is a fair assumption. But as mentioned, hers is a willing and, more importantly, open mind.

Tammy continues with the reasons behind her rudimentary interest in tea detox.

“The reason I’d like to try it was
1.) I do like to lose a couple of pounds, and
2.) I love to drink tea.
So I thought it would be a good way.”

She then gives her impressions on the Detox blend.

“So does this one work? Yes. Seriously. Yes! Yes! Yes! My skin looked freaking amazing. And my favourite part was the bloating. I’m always bloated. I’ll admit it. I don’t eat properly. And I have things that have bubbles in them often. So I’m constantly bloated. My belly looked so, so flat during this. It’s so crazy!

Tammy definitely got the best of what the Detox blend has to offer. Her Fat Burn blend experience follows.

“It definitely suppresses your appetite. That’s for sure. When I have it before dinner, I would eat about three quarters of what I would normally eat. So I guess I’m having twenty five percent less calories, which definitely helps you lose weight. And this tastes like peppermint. It’s delicious.”

Tammy closes with a general evaluation of her time with ThinTea’s signature blends.

“My stomach is flatter. My skin is looking better. I have a lot more energy. I’m waking up so early to get things done. So overall I would say that they are a win… I’d lost about four to five pounds in two weeks. So that’s a really big improvement.”

Over her statements, she flashes texts that add more details from her experience.

ThinTea has managed to win over our girl Tammy here. It just goes to show that trying out new things about which one is sort of the fence could be massively rewarding. She had her doubts but she still gave it the old college try, making the positive effects all the more satisfying.

ThinTea aims to please through real and safe results. If you think you’re ready to take the next step in living a more healthful life, then our shop welcomes you with open arms and hot cup of cleansing goodness!