Tips for Having All-day Energy

December 03, 2017

Tips for Having All-day Energy


Being fueled consistently throughout the day is a more tasking job than it sounds. Those energy dips in the middle or latter part of the day are tough hurdles that could affect productivity and mood.

So how do we maintain pep and pop the whole day? We’ve curated a good few tips and tricks for you so you can keep at it for in indeterminate period of time like that drum-beating toy bunny in the commercials.


Keep with the Program

A chaotic schedule would trigger restless responses from the body because it would lack a determined structure. The craving for rest and sustenance would pop out at random times of the day. Maintaining a more or less strict schedule is great for keeping a natural buzz all day. Sleep and wake up at the same time every day. Eat meals at a set schedule, preferably equally spaced out during the day.


Get Lit  

At work or wherever you are that requires a constant stream of energy and focus, pick a spot at work that gets a lot of natural light. If not possible, then keep the room well-lit with cool-white or daylight type sources of artificial illumination. Light, natural or otherwise, does a lot for optimizing our body’s processes for keeping awake. Those yellowish, soft lighting do make us look great in photos, but whiter colour temperatures closer to natural daylight are better for sustaining alertness.


Sugar and Starch

While sweets and carbs do tend to pump us with instant energy, too much would trigger an energy crash. It is best to substitute them with protein like eggs and milk in the morning; some cheese and fish at lunch, and lean meat and high-protein vegetables like beans and nuts for dinner. Studies have shown that women who did the switch feel more energetic for longer and hardly feel drained at certain times of the day.


To Nap or Not to Nap

Power naps are a real mix bag. Sometimes they’re indeed refreshing and sometimes we feel more dazed and sapped after a few minutes of mid-day Zs. Instead of rolling the dice with a nap whenever we feel that dreaded mid-day slump rearing its head, a nice, short walk outside would be the better option. It has a lot to do with the abovementioned revitalizing effects of natural light. Short walks would also get slightly raise our heart rate and sorts out the mind out of an impending crash.


The Night Before

Of course, the earlier the boost, the better. Arguably the best way to keep our groove for the whole day is to have a nice, restful night’s sleep the night before. If consuming alcohol in the evening, wait for about an hour or two before hitting the sack. Alcohol is a leading cause of restless sleep. Let the body work out some of it before going to bed.

If we want to wind down while getting a touch of before-bed-entertainment, put that phone down and watch a bit of telly instead. Light blasting right in your face as with phones and tablets triggers brain activity. A television set to minimal brightness at a good distance while mindlessly flipping through programs helps in settling down the mind.


So there you have them, practical advice for holding on to precious energy all day. But if these aren’t quite enough, ThinTea’s detox and fat burn blends are here to lend a hand. Natural energy from detoxification? Safe metabolism boost for caffeine-free energy? Thin Tea has you covered. Get your pack now.