Transitioning into a Morning Person

January 25, 2019

Transitioning into a Morning Person

Let’s say you decide to become more of a morning person for whatever reason. It may be perhaps you are expecting a child or already have one. It could be that you just want to have a longer day ahead of you. Starting early has a lot of perks. You are able to do more—be more productive. The ensuing gratification of accomplishing a good amount of tasks in the day is rather euphoric on its own.  


But in this age of unusual work schedules and constant exhaustion and stress, it might be easier said than done. It’s not impossible to make the transition though. Here are a few tips that could help you make the adjustment just a little bit softer.


Sleep More

This is quite obvious. Sleeping enough makes getting up at a time you’ve set easier. But we’re not just talking about a nightly basis here. Consistency is key. Sleep deprivation does add up so you may get enough sleep to wake up early the next day and then hit the sack late a few nights in a week. The sleep loss would eventually catch up and then BAM! The snooze button is smacked hard again and again. Mid-day naps might help but that’s rather counter-intuitive if productivity is the main reason of you turning into an early bird.

Additionally, there’s nothing else that could really replace the restfulness provided of a good night’s sleep. So try to sleep a good seven to nine hours every night straight. This would prevent those sluggish morning-afters.


Go Loud

An alarm clock can either be one of the best or worst things in your bedroom, depending on the situation. And if you’re trying to get an early start, the snooze button is indeed your worst enemy. We suggest setting the volume of your alarm loud enough to really yank you out of deep sleep. You can deal with the disorientation later. It’s getting thrown in the deep end where it ends in you being awake enough that going back to sleep is no longer an option. Those old-timey bell alarm clocks are nifty for this because those cause quite the ruckus.


Hit the Showers

And we mean immediately after getting up if at all possible. It’s around the same vein as the alarm clock. Making taking a shower the first major part of your waking routine would pull you out of that zombie-mode and get the gears turning and warmed up. You find that you’d be zipping through your morning routine with a clearer head once you’ve splashed the early morning stupor away.


Curtains Up

Leave your bedroom curtains open before going to be so when you wake up, you’re greeted by the freshening light of the morning. If you are concerned about privacy, then just leave the curtain open for the window where the most light can shine through. Most people react with wakefulness when exposed to natural light. And it’s not only because of the blinding rudeness but because seeing natural light after a night’s sleep pulls a trigger that sends a signal to the body and mind saying, “It’s time to get things done!” It’s just in our nature.


Tire Yourself Out

Keep going during the day. This has something to do with the first point. When you feel exhaustion setting in after a full day and you have absolutely nothing really important to do, hit the sheets. Don’t fight it. We’re not saying to wait to a degree where you’re so exhausted that you’re practically dozing off while standing. It just needs to be enough that you’d appreciate a lie down and not really intent on sleeping immediately. Doing so would ensure a more restful night’s sleep, allowing you to wake up early with the needed energy to go through the day pleasantly.


Keep Your Phone Out of Reach

You may be tempted to just chill in bed after waking up and checking out on Facebook what Brooke and Peppa have to say about the muffins you brought to work the previous day. The next thing you know, the kitchen is on fire because your children have decided to make pancakes on their own.

Checking updates on your phone as your first task often leads to the dreaded Internet rabbit hole. It’s very distracting and can eat up a lot of precious morning time. Keep the phone out of reach. Somewhere where you’d have to stand up and walk to get it. Fiddling with it while still in bed is a big no-no.


Keeping your energy up is another thing. Caffeine in the morning could help especially when it’s particularly early. However, it’s not good for the body in the long run. And, of course, there’s the dreaded caffeine crash.

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