Ways to Decompress After a Long Day

February 20, 2019

Ways to Decompress After a Long Day

For those of us who work an honest day’s work every day, everything’s a rush the moment we get up from bed. We’ve got to make that coin somehow. Some days are worse than others, and we just have to set something aside for ourselves at the end of the day.

Decompression is one term to call it. These are things that could even us out and set things right for the next-day grind. Here are a few ways to unwind and proverbially put our feet up after a hectic day.


Make the Home a Shrine

Yes this is easier said than done. It’s not always easy to compartmentalize. But if at all possible, it would do us great to keep anything work-related out the house. Making our home a professional-free environment would give us something to look forward to as we make our way out the office. We should aim not to bring work to the house to eliminate home toxicity. Try not to talk about work at home. Let being at home do its job, which is to alleviate worries and various stress. As mentioned, it’s not an easy feat but it can be done and it does not have to be a dramatic change.



This is a rather common tip that can be used for various concerns outside of de-stressing. It’s not that hard to leave our smartphones, computers, and other mobile connectivity devices unattended for just a few hours after work. There are heaps to do other than look down on our phones every two minutes. We can catch up with housemates, family, etc. in person. The alternatives are near limitless.


Go for a Jog

If the day’s work wasn’t too physically tasking, a bit of mind-cleansing exercise would not hurt. We can do it alone or with someone. Talking is optional. It can be highly symbolic as well. We can sweat out the stresses of the preceding hours that we spent at work. Plus there’s a relaxing and much needed hot shower waiting for us after. We don’t have to limit to jogging. Any form of exercise that we find appropriate would do.


Just Chill​

A rather basic tip but it’s worth revisiting. Time after work is time for us. We can read a book,spend time with children, pets, and the like. We could finally take our neighbor up on that invitation to drop over for dinner, coffee, or drinks. If it’s the kind of thing that we know could relax us without doing much, then its fair game.


Have a Night Out

It does not necessarily mean imbibing in alcoholic drinks though going to a bar with workmates after work would give an avenue to talk about work stuff, grievances, a bit of friendly gossip, and such WITHOUT bringing them home. It’s a more relaxed and casual way to address work-related matters. Or we can go home first, freshen up, and then go back out for dinner, a movie, or a soothing massage.



Yes. There are a lot of people who find finally clearing out the basement or bringing Fido to the vet and other household errands to be quite therapeutic. It’s especially rewarding if we finally get things that we’ve been holding off for a while. The sense of accomplishment adds to our self-satisfaction and can really relieve stress.


Don’t Plan

Now the above tips are helpful but we don’t have to be too technical and computing about them. It’s best to leave decompression to the wind and not make a list of it. Overthinking our relaxation options is counter-intuitive and would just add to the day’s pressures. After work, we are entitled to do whatever we want. We can do a combination of relaxing activities and not be confined to just one. If sleep is what we need then we could do that and nothing else. Our life after work is ours to live.


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