Ways Unwanted Calories Sneak Into our Body

November 05, 2018

Ways Unwanted Calories Sneak Into our Body

We love food and food loves us—sometimes a bit too much that they insist themselves in ways so stealthy, the next thing we know we’ve gained a couple of pounds even though we thought we’ve been eating healthily.

In all seriousness, food has little to nothing to do with calories slipping through the cracks. It’s still ultimately our doing albeit subconsciously. We’ve listed down a few ways we unknowingly add to our intended caloric intake.


The Crumb Collective

Crumbs left in the package after finishing the larger pieces of chips or cookies are somehow the best parts. That’s just how it is. Science is quaked by this fact. These are the saltiest nibbles and often we just down them like water, effectively pouring them all over our face. These tasty shards can easily add a pound a month with regular snacking. It’s easy to chalk crumbs as negligible calories because of the volume but it all add up in the end. Let’s pretend to have a bit more class and let the crumbs be.


Bagged It

Most snacks have more than one serving per bag. So eating straight out of the bag, it’s easy to forget that we’ve gone beyond one serving. This is especially aggravated by the fact that snacking often becomes mechanical. We stop being mindful of it when we’re watching a movie or having an enthralling conversation about crypto-currency. So it’s recommended to try and seek out single-serving treats. Stop at one bag and leave those crumbs well alone!


Chef’s Recommendation

Eating out at a casual restaurant mostly offers the option of personalization with the food we order. The health conscious among us would ask the chef to hold back on the oil or butter for the salads or pasta. Chefs do often acknowledge these requests. But even though they cut down on the high calorie ingredients as requested, they tend still add more than what you want or need. Chefs still go by taste. They would decrease an ingredient but they would not let the dish go out the kitchen tasting like hard tack. Additionally, a busy kitchen would not always be able to accommodate such requests to the dot. The best way to go around this is to request the kitchen to have the dressing or sauces on the side so we can decide how much to consume ourselves right at the table.


Not Enough Zs

When we become sleep deprived, the body craves high-calorie food, like carbs, sugar, and fat. It’s the body’s way of comforting itself. Not having enough sleep leads to exhaustion so the body triggers the appetite because it feels like it needs fuel when all it needs is a powder nap. The effect is overeating. The solution is very obvious. We should get enough sleep and go by the restfulness it provides instead of getting a burger.


A Matter of Taste

Our taste buds can go haywire, resulting in the dulling of the sense. It can be because of injury or over-exposure to strong tastes. Whatever the reason may be, it leads us to add more salt and sugar to food. One way of noticing this is when we eat with friends and we’re the only one not satisfied with how much seasoning there is on our food. A visit to a specialist is highly suggested.


As mentioned, these are mostly through human actions and can be avoided. The last on the list is body toxins. Toxic substances can hinder metabolism and digestion. These can lead to weight loss difficulty and even weight gain. A healthy option is through tea cleansing. With ThinTea’s signature Detox and Fat Burn blends, we can get rid of all those toxins and even get a metabolism boost and suppress our appetite! The calories that manage to sneak in won’t be a problem as they will be used up to give us a natural energy boost!