What Tiredness Does to the Body

March 12, 2019

What Tiredness Does to the Body

The effects of tiredness go beyond just feeling not up to it physically and mentally. It can be caused by many things. These days the main reasons are lack of sleep, stress, and, of course, over-exertion. The ripples go far and can impact the body in ways we might find hard to believe. 

Here are the major parts of our daily living that get affected by tiredness.


Appetite and Weight

The more practical and straightforward effect of exhaustion to weight increase is we just aren’t motivated to move. Physical exertion understandably goes way down the priorities ladder, increasing the chances of weight gain.

Science also chimes in that tiredness influences blood sugar levels and hormones. These changes effectively slows down the body’s metabolic rate, leading to a decrease in fat burning and then to fat storage, and an increase in appetite.

So we end up eating more, packing in more calories, and then not using them up and just shelving them as fat all over the body.



Extreme exhaustion can lead to poor focus and impaired memory. And it’s not confined to active recollection of specific memories. The brain’s passive summoning of stored memories is also impacted.

It’s like when you are so used to doing a task that it becomes mechanical and “brainless”, and then you suddenly stop because you can’t remember what you are supposed to do next. It’s the brain failing to muster up the specific memories needed to complete the job.



As mentioned, tiredness can negatively impact the body’s chemistry. Apart from appetite and metabolism, these imbalances can also affect the skin. Specifically, the body’s ability to repair damaged skin is vastly diminished. Exhaustion triggers the production of the stress hormone cortisol, which massively increases the chance of acne breakouts as well as other skin issues. It also promotes inflammation, which makes skin puffy.


A quick-fix for tiredness is to have a full night’s sleep. This would allow the body to recuperate and heal. The body’s chemistry is more or less corrected and balanced during a proper sleep. One can also practice stress-relieving and relaxation techniques.

Exhaustion can also be caused by toxins that collect in our body. The body’s natural filtering and waste elimination processes can’t expel them all. So they wreak havoc and cause negative effects like tiredness. A good cleansing is in order to aid in the removal of these nasty substances. ThinTea’s detox plan is a natural and safe way to do this. The tea cleanse can also reduce bloating and safely improve metabolism and suppress appetite. If one has trouble sleeping, the store also offers a tea blend specifically for it. A restful and healing night’s sleep is just a cup away!