What Two Weeks of Tea Cleanse Can Do for Weight Loss with Laiken

March 05, 2019

What Two Weeks of Tea Cleanse Can Do for Weight Loss with Laiken


Depending on circumstances, fourteen days can either be a long or short time for losing a few pounds. There are multiple variables to consider mainly diet and exercise.

A couple of lesser known factors are the presence of body toxins and metabolic rate. This is where a good cleanse can come handy.  

Laiken gave ThinTea’s 14-day tea cleanse system. Let’s hear if two weeks on the blends have made a difference.

“I only did the 14 days, which is two weeks. When I did this, I did end up losing three pounds. And I did not follow their meal plan. I still ate what I normally eat.”

Laiken responded well to the tea cleanse as it would seem. But what does she personally think of her results?

“I think I did pretty good. And if I would have stuck to it, I probably would have lost more.”

She comments on the practical value of the tea packs and the quality of the ingredients as well.

“What I really love about it is I have so much left that I can do this a few times and still have plenty of tea left. I think it’s worth trying.

All the ingredients are all natural or organic. This stuff actually works… It is all-natural. I do really like this product.”

Laiken wraps her video up with a photo-video supercut of her ThinTea progress.

As mentioned by Laiken, ThinTea does offer a meal plan for users to supplement the tea cleanse. But even without following it, one can still get good results from taking the tea blends.

The ThinTea system is formulated to remove toxins that cause bloating and hinder adequate nutrient absorption, as well as suppress appetite and increase metabolic rate. These are all done using the safest, all-natural ingredients available.

To those who are keen, the store also offers a 28-day detox and fat burn bundle among other helpful tea blends and packages.