Will COVID-19 impact the delivery of my order?

In short, yes. You will experience a delay in receiving your order at the moment. This is because all postal networks globally have had to implement strict safety policies which slows down the delivery process. On top of that, postal services are experiencing unprecedented volumes through their networks which further adds to the delay. It’s unavoidable and there is nothing we can do to speed it up. Please bear with us as we navigate safely through this crazy time, and know that our customer service and warehouse teams and your local shipping courier are working as hard, fast and safe as they can to get frank on his way to you. Currently our warehouse team are processing orders without any delays, however the Australia Post network is experiencing delays. Please allow 2-3 weeks to receive your order if you select standard shipping. The DHL network is also somewhat impacted, so please allow 4-8 days to receive your order from the date you receive your shipping information.

How soon should I expect my tea to arrive?

Free! Next day shipping on all orders, so you’ll receive your pack as soon as day 2!
Free!- Australia - Free Postage. usually 1-2 business days Free!
(Business days are Monday-Friday. Public holidays excluded.)

Is ThinTea Detox safe?

Yes. With so many dangerous weight loss products on the market, safety is of paramount importance to us. That is why we enlisted the help of top experts in the field to help us formulate and source our products using nothing but natural and pure ingredients that are chock full of health benefits. Our three-step process works with your digestive system’s natural cycle and is highly recommended by Australian Naturopaths and Nutritionists.

Is ThinTea Detox gluten free?

We believe that what you put in your body is just as important as what you don’t put in your body. All of our 100% natural blends are free of gluten, dairy, caffeine, preservatives, and additives. You won’t find any laxatives in our products, either.

Should I exercise while drinking ThinTea Detox?

Yes. Our detox actually helps get your digestive system back on track by alkalising and detoxifying it. If you want to give your weight loss and energy levels a boost, exercising for half an hour a day can make a big difference. You don’t have to join a gym or start training for a marathon; even a daily brisk walk is enough to help you maximise the benefits.

What should I eat and drink while using ThinTea Detox?

We recommend drinking between two and three litres of water per day. If you tire of drinking water, a splash of natural lemon or lime juice can help perk up the taste and make it more palatable. For detailed information on what you should eat, Download and Refer to our Eating Plan

How does ThinTea Detox work?

Please refer to our How it Works page for detailed information.

What is included in the ThinTea Detox Pack?

Our Detox Pack contains 40 grams of Alkalising and Detoxing Blend loose leaf tea, which is enough to last you for two full weeks. We package it in a resealable foil packet to lock in all the freshness. You will also receive our eating plan and directions for use.

Does ThinTea expire or 'go off'?

Technically speaking, tea does not actually spoil or expire in the sense that it never becomes unsafe to drink over time. However, it is important to keep in mind that tea carries the most health benefits and best taste when it is fresh. That’s why we only ship the freshest tea blends and place them in a resealable foil pouch specifically designed to lock in freshness.

What does ThinTea taste like?

Most people are surprised by just how delicious our tea actually is. Even those who are not normally fans of tea tell us that they find the taste to be quite pleasant. Although we chose the ingredients in our tea blends for their superior weight loss effects, it turns out that the flavours actually complement each other quite well. Nevertheless, if you’re not fond of the taste, feel free to add some natural sweetener, honey, maple syrup, lemon, or other additives as this will not affect the overall detox.

Will ThinTea affect my contraceptive pill?

No - ThinTea is NOT a laxative and it doesn't affect the pill.

Can I drink ThinTea while breastfeeding or pregnant?

There is really no need to detox while you are pregnant or breastfeeding. However, if pregnancy or having a newborn are interrupting your sleep cycles or affecting your concentration levels, Sleepy Slumber Tea and ClariTea are safe choices to help you get a fantastic night’s sleep.

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